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Christmas Chaos Comes to Banyula
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None of the young animals had noticed that the water in the billabong was higher than usual. Certainly not Blue Roo who was bouncing awkwardly along the log that went from one side of the Banyula billabong to the other. What they had noticed, couldn't fail to notice, was that it had been raining for days, and days. Wesley Wombat worried if there would be enough food. Kyle Koala didn't like too much water falling from the sky. Peter Platypus didn't care how much water there was, he hoped that Blue would fall off the log into the billabong. Maybe that would teach the silly joey a lesson. Serena Sugar Glider, who was usually calm and, well … serene, came running into Banyula and burst into tears. Soon after Freya Frill-Neck scuttled in from the desert, her frill in fright mode. What was happening in Banyula?

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