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Hedgehog-Gli Signaling in Human Disease
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Hedgehog-GLI Signaling in Human Disease represents the first compilation of up-to-date reviews by top-level scientists in this important field of research. The chapters cover a wide spectrum of related interests, from the molecular bases of morphogen function, to human genetics to cancer research. The aim of the book is to disseminate information on this exciting field, to allow students, scientists and the public in general to gain access current information from research leaders and to provide a book that encompasses different aspects of research showing the fusion of basic research in model systems and medicine. This is a timely primer on how a system of cell communication, Hedgehog-GLI signaling, plays a critical role in human disease and thus provides the background for the development of novel and rational therapies. TOC:Preface.- How the Hedgehog Outfoxed the Crab: Interference with HEDGEHOG-GLI Signaling As Anti-Cancer Therapy.- The Patched Receptor: Switching On/Off the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway.- Making a Morphogentic Gradient.- Spatial and Temporal Regulation of Hair Follicle Progenitors by Hedgehog Signalling.- Mode of PTCH1/Ptch1-associated Tumor Formation: Insights from Mutant Ptch1 Mice.- Basal Cell Carcinomas, Hedgehog Signaling, and the Ptch1+/- Mouse.- GLI Genes and Their Targets in Epidermal Development and Disease.- Splitting Hairs: Dissecting the Roles of Gli Activator and Repressor: Functions during Epidermal Development and Disease.- Shh Expression in Pulmonary Injury and Disease.- Human Correlates of GLI3 Function.- From Oligodactyly to Polydactyly: Role of Shh and Gli3 in Limb Morphogenesis.- The Genetics of Indian Hedgehog.- Important Role of Shh Controlling Gli3 Functions During the Dorsal-Ventral Patterning of the Telencephalon.- Regulation of Early Events in Cell Cycle Progression by Hedgehog Signaling in CNS Devlopment and Tumorigenesis.- Modulating the Hedgehog Pathway in Diseases.- Hedgehog Signaling in Endodermally Derived Tumors.- Index.

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