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Going All In (eBook, ePUB)
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Are You Surviving or Thriving? The cemeteries are full of potential that has died with the ones buried there. Songs, books, poems, movies, medical advancements, leaders, entrepreneurs, and many more possibilities lie in the ground with no hope of becoming a reality.Are you stuck? Do you feel like you're living an abundant life? Maybe even feeling like you're in the best MMA submission holds allowed and tapping out to the pressure? All around us, everyday people are struggling. Most of us ask the question: "Is there more to life than what we are living?" There are millions of people who don't believe that their life has a purpose. They're simply living in survival mode. It doesn't have to be this way!We live in a world where everything revolves around a password; cell phones, security systems, Wi-Fi password security, password security authentication, and Password security apps; Going All In will lead the reader to the life God designed for them as it teaches simple and practical steps to go from surviving to thriving by giving you the password for success. In this book, author Jody Almond will enable you to discover and live the life you were created to live as you make progress towards your destiny. If you're new to Going All In, prepare to take a journey with an ancient story of struggle that concludes with a fresh perspective on achieving success for your life. You'll discover three important keys that will take you from the camp of struggle to the castle of success: Your Significance Your Setbacks Your Journey to Success IT'S TIME TO STOP STRUGGLING AND START FINDING SUCCESS THROUGH SURRENDER TODAY.

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